Justin Barrett has been involved in far-right Irish politics for decades. His new party, The National Party, was recently refused their launch event in the Merrion Hotel.


Barett is better known for his previous involvement in Youth Defense. He also unsuccessfully ran as an MEP in 2004.

He joined Matt to talk about the launch of his new party, The National Party.

He attributes Ireland's economic crisis to an influx of Eastern Europeans that took on labour jobs for lower wages.

"I have no problem with individuals. I have no problem with meeting, working with Eastern Europeans. In their numbers, they have done exactly what I said they were going to do."

He spoke about his party's launch event in the Merrion Hotel being cancelled due to threats of violence, and how his previous attendance of neo-Nazi meetings in Germany had been a mistake.

Later in the program, he incorrectly claimed that Ireland had seen 837,000 immigrants from EU accession countries after 2004. The CSO's figure is actually 282,000.