Listen to this proper pop banger.

We have featured Siights on the show before and now they are back with an absolute banger. 

They are our Play Irish Artist of the week.

Louise Duffy shall be giving the track a spin tonight. 


SIIGHTS are a new dynamic pop duo operating between LA, Ireland & the UK since one of the girls came off two years of touring as multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with Hozier. In that time they have built up a major following and fanbase internationally. They are both serious studio technicians and writers so the music is fully self-produced & self-written. Got It is out June 8th 2018.

The first track they shared online immediately went viral, amassing over 18 million views and quickly becoming the #2 most Shazamed artist in Ireland. 

Writing, producing and performing everything on their own tracks, SIIGHTS fuse elements of funk and electronica to create their own strand of bouncy, anthemic pop. “Got It” follows this regimen to a t, fizzing with pop hooks and enough swag to immediately define them as extremely well-honed musicians and writers. 

Speaking on the track, Mia and Toni say: “'Got It' is about self-expression and body confidence; it's about having the confidence to be yourself and to own and celebrate your unique qualities. Our differences are what make each of us extraordinary. We just wanted to write a song that celebrates that, something that encourages people to smile and embrace their whole self, 'You got it so .. flaunt it.’"