Did Oasis release possibly the greatest debut album of all time?

The words stone cold classic can be attributed to Oasis's debut album 'Definitely Maybe' which was released in August 1994. Paul McLoone has made it his classic album of the week making us all feel rather old...!

Oasis had built a massive following through touring the UK's burgeoning indie scene since their inception in 1991. Liam Gallagher - who always knew he would be a star - had started a band with Guigsy and Bonehead called The Rain. But Noel arrived one day to rehearsals with his songs and took control of the band, the rest as they say is history. 

In May 1993 creation records signed Oasis, the head of creation was Alan McGee, watch him tell his story about seeing the Manchester band for the first time.  

They went from obscure Manchester scally's to the biggest rock'n'roll band in the World in the space of 3 years. This trailer from documentary 'Supersonic' captures the hype felt back in the day.  

Definitely Maybe was released in 1994, and as a debut is possibly up there as one of the greatest debut albums of all time. It wasn't plain sailing by any stretch of the imagination with Oasis having to go through 3 producers in order to capture their unique live sound. It is the only album to feature Original drummer Tony McCarroll who was axed from the band after it's release. He possibly had a clue when they filmed the video for 'Live Forever'? I mean being buried with your drumsticks was kind of obvious.  

Definitely Maybe went straight to number one in the UK charts catapulting them into the main consciousness of the mid nineties. Imagine, brit Pop hadn't even truly begun!

What a way to open an album. Rock'N'Roll Star set their intentions from the very beginning. Anyone who was lucky enough to be at Liam Gallagher's Dublin gigs will testify, he still has it. 

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