Mayo campaign will 'filter' candidates to maximise changes

A new campaign has been launched to try and turn support for independent politicians into seats in the Dáil.

The '1st Independent Mayo' campaign says it will hold town hall meetings with independent hopefuls across the county, exposing them to the electorate and allowing them to be scrutinised.

The proposal is then to hold a public convention, where a small number of candidates will be chosen and put forward for the Dáil - while others agree to offer them support and resources. 

The hope of the '1st Independent Mayo' campaign is that the campaign will filter down the possible number of independents running for the Dáil - so that those who run have the best chance of mopping up some of the huge support that independents may reap.

"It's a grassroots process. There's too many politicians in the Dail who sort of think they can sit in the Ivory Tower up there and decide what's good for the rest of the country," said campaign spokesman Eddie Farrell.

"I think a lot of them need to get out of the Ivory Tower and get talking to the grass roots, rather than pontificating from Dublin," he said.
Our political correspondent Gavan Reilly filed this report for Today FM's National Lunchtime News.