The 12 boys thanked everyone who helped them during their 18 day ordeal

The hospital looking after the 12 boys rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand have confirmed they'll be released on Thursday.

They're physically fit and have removed their face masks.

They've also recorded video messages thanking those who saved them from their 18-day ordeal.

One of the boys, Sompong Jaiwong Pong, said: "I am very strong now. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me and I would like to thank people from around the world for helping us."

Another of the boys, Night, has said he is looking forward to eating some barbecue pork, and teammate Abdul has said that his health is "improving" and "wants to eat KFC".

Bew said he would like to "thank everyone who is worrying about me", and Tee expressed his gratitude to "everyone who has given me support and inspiration". 

Doctors have so far kept the boys on a simple diet, although they were treated to a bread and chocolate treat after making a special request.