Fr. Paddy Byrne says Holy Communion days are now more like a panto than a sacrament

A priest in Co. Laois has hit out at how families are now celebrating Holy Communion Day and feels it's being used as an excuse to party.

Fr. Paddy Byrne's thoughts come just a week after the big day was set to be cancelled in a parish in Carlow.

Following a backlash from parents, that decision was reversed.

Fr. Byrne has also complained that many people are now taking selfies during Mass.

He thinks the Church needs to do more to tackle the problem, and says "I think there's basic cop on. Do you go to your friends house when you're calling over for Sunday lunch or a conversation and just go on Facebook or start taking photos at random?!"

The Portlaoise priest feels the Church needs to do more to tackle the problem saying "Most people have been to these occasions, that are more often like a pantomime than a sacrament".