History was made for the postal company with their first ever drone delivery

An Post has delivered its first ever parcel by a drone nicknamed 'Postman Padraig'.

The inaugural journey's been called from 'Rothar to Rotor'.

The very first parcel to be delivered by drone was a small trinket to a customer staying in the lighthouse in Clare Island.

The company says it is very early days, but they hope the success of their first 'air mail' delivery will help expand their service particularly in rural areas.

The first drone mission was from Roonagh pier to Clare Island in Co.Mayo  and took 11 minutes and 30 seconds to complete the journey

Angus Laverty, Public Affairs Manager with An Post, says this mission was a test for the company;

"It's early days yet. We are aware that drones are going to be part of the business. We do have an application for the future for isolated areas or maybe emergency supplies and they will complement existing services, not replace them."

These plans have been in the pipeline at An Post for a few months before they successfully completed the test on Thursday afternoon.

"These plans are purely in the gestational stage, we want to look at how drones can operate and sit aside our current mail delivery systems. We'll assess it over the coming months and see where we go from here."