A Polish Politician is petitioning for the cow's right to live after she escaped on route to an abbatoir

A cow that was on its way to an abattoir in Poland has escaped to safety by swimming to an island.

One farmworker suffered broken ribs after being rammed into a metal fence during the bid for freedom.

After trying for a week to get her back, the farmer is now letting her live on the island for the time being.

The escapee cow has now been on the islands of Lake Nyskie, for around three weeks.

The farmer, known only as Mr Lukasz, tried for a week to get the cow back but has given up and is now caring for her on the island, where he makes sure she has enough food.

A local politician has been petitioning for have her pardoned and this update looks like the cow might have earned her freedom:

This was his earlier post where he described how the cow has earned the right to live: