The Health Minister says Irish women will never be told to 'take the boat' again

Ireland has voted to repeal the Eighth Amendmnent.

The Taoiseach earlier described the Irish people’s decision to repeal the Eighth Amendment as “the culmination of a quiet revolution.”

Boxes have been open in count centres right around the country since 9.00am this morning – with tallies indicating an overwhelming victory for the ‘Yes’ campaign.

Speaking in Citywest ealier, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said the “public have spoken.”

“The result appears to be resounding in favour of repealing the Eighth Amendment,” he said.

“It is possible even that we could carry every constituency in the country – men and women, almost every age group and every social class and that demonstrates to me that we are a country that is not divided.

The Minister for Health Simon Harris said Ireland now has a new message for women facing crisis pregnancy.

“Up to this point we have been saying, ‘take the plane’ or ‘take the boat,’” he said.

“We are now saying ‘take our hand ... we want to be able to care for you with compassion in our own country.'”

He said the projected result marks a 'significant day' for the country.

Describing the Eighth Amendment as a "failed experiment," he said the projected result marks a 'significant day' for the country.

Just after 1.00pm today the first official result came in from Galway East - where 60.19% of the electorate voted 'Yes.'

Dublin Central was the next to come in - with 76.51% of voters in favour of repeal.

Cork South Central was the third to declare an official result - with 68.84% voting yes. 

Cork North Central meanwhile has confirmed a final result of 64.02% in favour of repeal.

Wexford has come in at 68% in favour of repeal.

Wicklow meanwhile voted 'Yes' with 72% of the vote.


Earlier the final estimated tallies from around the country predicted a resounding 'Yes.'

The only county in the country that seemed likely to vote ‘No’ was Donegal – with tallies suggesting the county will come in around 52% ‘No.’

Meanwhile tallies showed that around three quarters of Dublin voters voted in favour of repeal.

All five Dublin city constituencies voted to repeal.

The final tally for Dublin South Central was 74.71% in favour repeal – while in Dublin Bay South it was even higher at 78%.

The Dublin West tally came in at 76%, while the south west of the city was 75% and the mid west was 73%. Fingal meanwhile voted 77% in favour of repeal.

With 80% of the boxes tallied in Waterford – it was looking like a 71% ‘Yes.’

Health Minister Simon Harris's Wicklow constituency was also looking like a three-to-one ‘Yes' - with the final tally indicating a 74.2% majority in favour or repeal.

All Cork constituencies looked like going 2 to 1 yes – with Cork North Central going 64% in favour of repeal and Cork South Central showing 68% in favour.

The final tallies for Limerick City saw a 66.4% ‘Yes’ vote while Limerick County voted 58.2% in favour.

Tallies suggested Galway West had come in at 65% ‘Yes’ – while Galway east was 60% ‘Yes.’