People are looking for 'cute' breeds

It's claimed some dogs are being dumped in shelters because they're 'too ugly' for Instagram and Twitter.

A survey by dogs-blog-dot-com has found Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Akitas and Greyhounds are the most common breed to be abandoned.

It seems people are looking to adopt ‘cuter’ breeds popular among celebrities - like French Bulldogs.

On Instagram, there are nearly 7 million posts under the #pugsofinstagram tag, and over 17.5 million posts tagged #frenchbulldog.

Amy Ockelford is from the RSPCA in the UK:

This isn't surprising at all, it's something we've been seeing at the RSPCA for a long time. Unfortunately there's been a huge surge in popularity for certain breeds of dogs, sort of trendy types of dogs, handbag dogs and also the designer crossbreeds."