"So preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should ..."

A giant semi-nude statue of actor Jeff Goldblum is turning heads in London City Centre.

The 25ft monument shows the 65-year-old in his iconic reclining, open-shirted pose from the 1993 epic Jurassic Park.

The statue has been erected to mark 25 years since the film's release.

Goldblum - who played Dr Ian Malcolm in the film - has said the pose was unscripted.

The meme-friendly scene has exploded in popularity in the internet age.

The 150kg likeness is set to remain in place beside London's Tower Bridge until Thursday 26th July.

It was erected by NOW TV to celebrate the film's 25th birthday.

Goldblum, who has appeared in a host of other top Hollywood films, recently announced the release of his debut Jazz album.