Its after a consultation with 4,000 people

UCD has announced it's to introduce gender neutral toilets and bathrooms on campus.

It's part of a Gender Identity and Expression Policy, which'll also make it easier to change names on records.

It comes after a consultation with 4,000 young people from across the country.

The locations of gender neutral facilities will be highlighted through signage and online resources.

The university is currently re-designating single stall facilities across the campus as gender neutral.

A gender neutral sign on a New York bathroom | Image: Richard B. Levine/SIPA USA/PA Images

Multi-stall facilities at the UCD Sports Centre will also be signed to allow transgender people to choose the facility of the gender that they identify with.

These people have differing views on the idea of mixed bathrooms and changing rooms.

"The fact that most restaurants now have mixed bathrooms, what difference is it to us?", one woman said.

One man said he thought they should stay separate "for privacy purposes and different backgrounds and religions as well - you know what I mean?".

"Nah it doesn't make me feel uncomfortable, no - like as other people don't feel uncomfortable that they feel they have to use those ones, they can use the other toilets if they like".