It's claimed more clinical trials can save lives and improve the health service.

Patients are being encouraged to take part in clinical trials to avail of the latest treatments and technology.

There are currently 237 trial sites open across Ireland in various facilities, up from 134 sites in 2014, according to the Health Research Board Clinical Research Co-ordination Ireland (HRB - CRCI).

It's claimed more clinical trials can save lives due to the innovation of medicine. It's also said that more trials could improve the health service here, because strict best practice guidelines apply in all trials.

It's also hoped that Brexit could provide a chance for Ireland to become a world leader in the area.

Fionnuala Keane from HRB - CRCI says 'we will be the only English speaking country remaining in Europe. A lot of international pharmaceutical companies have their bases in the UK and Ireland sits in a position where we have the opportunity to take over that role'.

The Health Service Board is calling for for increased funding and advocacy for clinical research to mark International Clinical Trials Day.