This video will change the way you think

The Riptide Movement are on a mission.

Approximately eight million tonnes of litter end up in our oceans every year and by 2050 it is predicted there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish.

The band are hoping to raise awareness about the dangers facing our oceans and they have teamed up with the Clean Coasts programme in Ireland, who help protect our beaches, seas, rivers and marine life.

You can find out how you can help make a difference here.

Over 15,000 volunteers are working on the ground to help tackle marine litter (namely marine plastics)

As they embarked on their mission to understand more about the dangers facing our oceans, The Riptide Movement spent time at Ireland's only seal sanctuary, where they discovered what happens when derelict fishing gear traps animals, entangles and potentially kills marine life.

It will take a fishing line approximately 650 years to break down and as it breaks down it eventually becomes small enough to be eaten by marine life and enter the food chain.

However, there are some great efforts being made by divers, organisations, governments and the fishing industry to tackle the issue.

According to a spokesperson for Clean Coasts, 'New technologies are being developed and tested. We’re counting on the fishing industry to embrace them.'

In the past year alone, Clean Coasts have organised 1000’s of coastal clean-ups and 100’s of marine litter surveys, resulting in tangible improvements to the Irish coastline.

Keep an eye on to follow The Riptide Movement's progress as they aim to shed a light on one of Ireland's most spectacular resources; our sea, and the life that thrives in it.