He says long waiting lists are not acceptable

The Health Minister says Ireland needs to have better capacity for smear testing labs.

Simon Harris says he's determined to get to the bottom of 'who knew what and when' about the Cervical Check scandal.

Speaking this morning, he says outsourcing and quality assurance will form part of the Scally inquiry.

And Minister Harris says long smear test waiting lists are not acceptable.

"I do think it's right and proper that we now listen to the concerns of women in relation to this.

"I instinctively would like to be able to use labs in our own country, but we have to make sure we have the capacity.

"We don't want to have a situation where we decide to use labs in our own country and then have very long waiting times for smear tests - cause we know that would have an adverse impact on women's health.

"So I'll be led by the Scally Inquiry's findings - and remember this is an inquiry that'll report next month, it's not something that will go on and on".