The results of a major survey were released today

Just 31% of people said they were admitted to a hospital ward from the emergency department within the HSE's target time of six hours.

However, 81% of patients believe they are always treated with respect and dignity in emergency departments around the country.

The findings are from HIQA's National Patient Experience Survey, detailing patients’ experience in hospitals.

26,752 people who were discharged from hospital in May were invited to participate in the survey, the second of its kind in Ireland. In total, 13,404 people took part resulting in a participation rate of over 50%.

The results also show 84% of respondents said they had a very good or good experience in our hospitals, with 16% reporting a fair to poor experience.

University Hospital Limerick scored the lowest for overall patient experience, followed by Waterford, Wexford, St Vincent’s in Dublin, St Luke’s in Kilkenny and Portiuncula in Ballinasloe.