The Kerry TD has been a vocal opponent to proposed new drink driving laws

The Transport Minister is accusing Danny Healy-Rae of acting like a ‘road traffic terrorist’.

The Independent Kerry TD - along with several others, including Tipperary TD Mattie McGrath - has been a vocal opponent to proposed new drink driving laws, which are due to be debated in the Dáil again this evening.

If passed, the legislation would increase penalties for those caught driving under the influence, including an automatic driving ban for first-time offenders detected at the lowest limit.

Last week, Deputy Healy-Rae pleaded with Minister Shane Ross to 'leave the people of rural Ireland alone', and suggested: "A pint and a half never made anybody drunk".

Shane Ross, however, is calling on the Kerry TD to support the legislation.

He said: "I'll take this opportunity to Danny Healy-Rae and his gang to stop the filibuster.

"They're behaving like road traffic terrorists. There's a kind of guerrilla warfare going on, which is costing lives.

"I appeal to those very, very few people left opposing this in the Dáil to stop the filibuster, to stop the guerrilla warfare, and to let this legislation through which is the will of the Dáil."