It examined data from 358 surveys across 168 countries

More Irish women than men are getting 'insufficient physical activity', new data shows.

A major study compiled from World Health Organisation (WHO) data has found that one-quarter of the global population are becoming less and less active.

In Ireland, the study found that up to 30% (between 20-29%) of Irish men had insufficient physical activity in 2016.

Insufficient physical activity in men in 2016 | Image: The Lancet

While Irish women had up to 40% (between 30-39%) of insufficient physical activity that same year.

Insufficient physical activity in women in 2016 | Image: The Lancet

It examined data from 358 surveys across 168 countries, including 1·9 million participants.

It pooled data from population-based surveys reporting the prevalence of insufficient physical activity: not doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity, or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week, or any equivalent combination of the two.

The highest levels in 2016 were in women in Latin America and the Caribbean (43·7%), south Asia (43·0%), and high-income western countries (42·3%).

The lowest levels were in men from Oceania (12·3%), east and southeast Asia (17·6%), and sub-Saharan Africa (17·9%).