A new report shows the trials and tribulations of student life

Over a third of students in Ireland say they’re experiencing serious financial problems.

A new report shows that students’ incomes are less than their monthly outgoings, with accommodation being the biggest expenditure.

The Union of Students in Ireland is calling for a reduction in college fees, which are the second highest in Europe and the restoration of students grants.

Kim Buckley reports:

Over 20,000 students attending higher education institutions were surveyed as part of the Eurostudent report for 2016

It found that 36 percent of students in Ireland say they’re struggling financially, with mature students more likely to have money problems.

Students are left around 78 euro in debt every month, with outgoings exceeding their income

The biggest expense was accommodation which accounts for 40 percent of their monthly spend

The survey also found that Full time undergrads are likely to live with their parents or in student accommodation, while part-time studentns are more likely to live with their other half in private accomodation

27 percent of full-time students work during the whole semester - which increases to 77 percent of part-time students.

Minister Mary Mitchell O’Connor says that reports such as these give us an invaluable insight and will contribute to future policy making.