The World Meeting of Families is underway

The Peter McVerry Trust says it's confident of being able to provide shelter for the homeless during the Pope's visit.

The national housing and homeless charity says it's putting in as much preparation as it did for Storm Emma and Storm Ophelia

CEO Pat Doyle says one of their biggest priorities is making sure they can get staff into the city through all the restrictions: “We have been coordinating and preparing our response to the papal visit for the past few weeks and we’ve approached the event in a similar manner to our response to major incidents such as Storm Emma or Storm Ophelia. As we finalised our plans we continue to engage multiple times per day with the DRHE around appropriate response to support needs.”

Meanwhile, the first events of the Catholic Church's World Meeting of Families get underway in Dublin today.

They conclude with a two-day visit to Ireland by the Pope this weekend.

YesterdayTaoiseach Leo Varadkar called for mandatory reporting of sex crimes within the church.

The Pontiff has agreed to meet victims of clerical sex abuse while he's here - but survivors say they want more than just words.