Eleven people were killed in the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue

Hundreds of protesters have marched in the US city of Pittsburgh, as Donald Trump visited to pay his respects after a mass-shooting at a synagogue.

Eleven people were killed and six others injured in the shooting on Saturday.

Some survivors and their families had asked him to stay away, saying his rhetoric has led to increased divisiveness and tensions.

The mayor of the city had also asked President Trump to not visit while funerals were taking place, and other senior politicians declined to join Trump and his family members on the trip.

Protesters demonstrate near Pittsburgh's Tree of Life Synagogue where President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump were visiting a memorial in Pittsburgh. Picture by: Matt Rourke/AP/Press Association Images

During the trip, President Trump and First Lady Melania visited the Tree of Life synagogue, laying flowers at the scene.

The US leader also visited police officers who were injured in the shooting in hospital.

The New York Times reports that others welcomed President Trump to the visit, with around 40 members of the city's Jewish community expressing “gratitude to you and your administration for your unwavering support of Israel".