Most of them have a small amount included

Despite popular belief, it's understood many teabags aren't compostable and shouldn't be thrown in the brown bin.

It comes as Barry's Tea is said to be exploring ways to remove plastics from its tea bags to make them compostable.

Small micro-plastics are added to teabags to seal them and ensure that they don't break up in your cup and the leaves fall out.

Over 9 thousand people have signed an online petition calling on the Cork company to remove all plastics from its teabags.

Speaking to Today FM, Lisa Quinn, who set up the petition says: 'You're putting micro-plastics in the brown bin, they'll go in, they'll compost, but the compost will then end up in our soil, it'll then end up in our water and 72% of Irish water now contains plastic'

She also confirmed that she spoke directly to Barry's tea which told her the best way to dispose of the teabags was to open it, put the tea leaves into the brown bin and then wash and dry the teabag paper and then put that into the recycling. 'Which is absurd because the whole point of having a tea bag is that it's convenient'.