The amount of rainfall isn't enough to make a difference to water shortages across the country

Irish Water's still urging people to conserve water - despite today's wet weather in many parts of the country.

It says one day of rainfall won't make a difference to the current water shortages.

The utility says a week-long period is needed to fully assess the impact of water restrictions in the Greater Dublin Area, which were introduced on Monday.

Pat Clarke from Met Eireann says there isn't enough rainfall forecast to compensate for the recent dry conditions;

"It'll certainly help, it won't do any harm but it hasn't been uniform across the country. The southern part of the country didn't get much rain overnight and they won't get much today.

Going forward there will be showers from time to time but temperatures will still be above normal over the weekend and going into early next week. And rainfall going forward still looks on the low side."