Today FM speaks exclusively to 'Bloggers Unveiled'

A controversial Instagram account that was set up to call for more transparency from bloggers and 'influencers' disappeared over the weekend.

Dubbed the 'Gossip Girl' of Ireland, the account has over 135,000 followers after being activated in January 2018.

However, Bloggers Unveiled was deleted without notice on Saturday night before reappearing less than 24 hours later.

Speaking exclusively to Today FM, the person behind the account admitted that they had had 'a wobble' over the weekend.

The anonymous account holder told us that they have been told to kill themselves over pointing out things like edited photos.

In a series of private messages exchanged on Instagram, Bloggers Unveiled wrote that 'the bigger the page becomes, the more people want to dictate how it's ran and what content is suitable'.

They continued that 'there's a vulture mentality who think it's their right to inform me of how I should run my page'.

Last weekend people were left speculating over who was behind the account after it appeared that they had attended the VIP Style Awards on Friday night, alongside some of Ireland's top bloggers.

However claims soon circulated that Bloggers Unveiled was just trying to make it appear that they were there, to increase the intrigue surrounding the page.

Others said that the page was deleted after the account holder was 'outed' after appearing at the event, but that wasn't the reason they gave when speaking to Today FM.

Bloggers Unveiled has been hailed and criticised in equal measure for calling out bloggers for things like photoshopping images, rigging competitions and not flagging posts which had been sponsored.

There are claims that a number of people have lost contracts and endorsement deals after a backlash from followers, while there have also been cries of a 'witch hunt' and 'bullying'.

The account has also been praised for outing 'influencers' who had been paid by the Road Safety Authority for a safe seatbelt campaign, but who had been filmed wearing their belts incorrectly.

While some Irish bloggers have been vocal in their criticism of the page, claiming it fuels an open forum for online bullying within its comments section, others have acknowledged some of the points raised in relation to transparency within the blogging industry in Ireland.