Split opinion on Early Breakfast!

This morning on the Early Breakfast, I read out a text message from B who got engaged 3 weeks ago - he had been texting into the show when he got the ring and before he proposed and then updated us with a big "SHE SAID YES!" - the kind of texts I love to receive! However, today, he had a question;

  • Morning Paula. Like myself, you recently got engaged. Just wondering how far gone you are? I can use you as my benchmark! My missus has nearly the whole thing done and it's about 18 months away STILL!!! What's your take on kids going? We have 18 nieces/nephews and are thinking of adopting a no kids policy. B in Cork.


Well, B – it’s like this. We decided long ago that if we were to get married, we wouldn’t be inviting kids. We don’t have any, so why would we invite other peoples’ kids? It seems pretty straightforward – do what you want to do and if people don’t like it...tough! Most people understand that your wedding is about what you want, and not anyone else. Good luck!

And that, I thought, would be the end of it...eh, NOPE! Listeners of the Early Breakfast were very animated in their responses...an interesting little morning! Some people said they have family that no longer speaks to them because of their no-child policy – while some people brought their kids along even though they weren’t invited (I’m horrified!). 

  • Shout-out to Andy for making me LOL with this: Morning Ian, when Paula comes in be sure to tell her if they ever remake Chitty Chitty Bang Bang I know who's a shoe in for the child catcher role! Andy :-D

Have a read below – what do you think?

  • Brian Wexford - no kids? Great idea! They always say it’s your day so let them stand by it.
  • Hi Sweet P  I totally agree with you - my sister is getting married soon and wants my 2 kids there but me and my wife both said no to them going. Tommy T party time


  • Who's supposed to mind the kids if the whole family is at wedding?


  • Hey Paula for our wedding we only had my 2 nieces as flower girls and then I have 1 million cousins as well, so they were invited in after the meal for the party/dancing. It's the meal and the speeches which is the boring bit for kids and when they get frustrated. LaineyMoo
  • If the majority of your guests have kids and ya don’t invite them, well then the chances of you having really small wedding are really high cos they're not going to pay for a room in the hotel and also pay baby sitter for the night. It will cost them a small fortune to go to your wedding and they’d be better off not going - and then you probably won’t get invited to any other weddings because of it!! Dave


  • Hey sweetpea im getting married in september and it’s no kids at ours! #ourday! :) from Declan the sandwich man


  • Completely agree with you Paula - wedding is no place for kids, our in laws don't speak to us any more over our decision not to have kids at wedding. D in Wicklow


  • No kids at weddings!! Jesus Christ I've heard it all now. Kids are always gone by 7 or 8 o'clock anyway. Too many people out there these days that think they’re someone they’re not.


  • Stick to your guns- no kids no page boys or girls!! We did the same - everyone has a great time and they are concentrating on being at the wedding rather than their minds being somewhere else..... babysitters can be found!


  • Sweetpea, I have kids and I'm also going to a wedding this year with no kids. You end up spending the day running around after them making sure they’re not annoying people and missing out yourself on relaxing and enjoying the day out. From jayo 


  • Hi Paula, it’s your wedding day - have whatever you and your partner want, it’s nobody else’s day. Amanda from Waterford. Love your show


  • Hey Paula, forget about the place being over-run with kids. When you realise it will cost 50 quid for chicken nuggets and chips for the kids, you won't be long making your mind up. Brian from Limerick.


  • My friends’ kids weren't invited to her brother’s wedding. They were devastated. Even if they could have gone to the church they would have been happy. (It was local enough so no hotels etc).


  • My sister got married last August and her two kids were there as well as other children. It was stressful on the parents but it's also stressful in the kids. It's a long day, they get hyper and cranky. It's just not fair on the KIDS! Don't be selfish! If you really want to be there you won't mind paying for a baby sitter. Maybe that's how ppl could compromise. Past 8 ... no kids!


  • Definitely no kids, kids are like farts, you can just about tolerate ur own.


  • We're getting married in August. No kids except our 3 nephews who will be page boys but are only staying for church and drinks reception and then will be taken home or have a babysitter come in.


  • Most of our friends with kids are looking forward to the break away for a night or 2. I'm sure there will be a few noses turned up but it's our day and we feel this will make it the most enjoyable for everyone involved.
  • Paula, a wedding is a family gathering where all relatives come together to celebrate your special day. Kids are a very important part of this and they make it even more special. Kids will remember you day even more than others. Kids all the way for me.


  • Getting married tomorrow in secret. Our own 2 kids are not even invited
  • WEDDINGS ARE FAMILY EVENTS!!!!! People who say "our day" need to get over themselves.