No surprise there!

The reviews for 50 Shades of Grey are in and... they’re not good. Which, judging by the first two awful films, will have absolutely no effect on ticket sales whatsoever. The first 2 raked in 800 million euro.  It’s out here tomorrow and it’s been dubbed as one of the worst film franchises in history.

Some lines from tomorrow’s release include;

“Desire explodes like the Fourth of July throughout my body”

“Her eyes are brown. Like bourbon, but flat.”

And others that are unmentionable on breakfast radio. Even the tagline is pukey - look!


If you think you can’t afford Madonna’s skincare, you’re wrong. Go to the kitchen, grab a fork and get prodding. She says forks are really good because they tighten the skin, on a video on Snapchat.

" "Have you tightened your face with a fork? Have you ever stabbed someone with a fork? I've done both. Anyway, it's crazy." And then, just like that, the video abruptly ends.

Is she serious or is she trolling us all?


The Rose of Tralee committee are looking for men to sign up as escorts for this year’s pageant.. Applicants must be male, under 31, and be available from August 15th to 21st. They will also have to raise 1500 sponsorship. Applications on


It’s payday for The Spice Girls! They are set to embark on world tour kicking off this summer but WON‘T be recording new music… and Victoria Beckham is ‘fully on board‘

The Spice Girls have reportedly confirmed their UK and USA tour... and they’re due to earn 5 million euro each from the tour!