They'll be here for a FULL WEEK before their gig next month!

The Rolling Stones will jet into Dublin a full week before their massive Croke Park concert, according to today’s Irish Sun.

They will be doing extra press in that week as well as putting the finishing touches to the opening night of their European tour. AND - if you're a super fan and want to see them in the flesh, they will be staying at the Merrion and the Intercontinental in Ballsbridge. That's right - Mick Jagger is planning to stay in The Merrion, and the rest will stay in the Intercontinental. No PJ parties then.

And finally - if you plan on screaming outside their bedrooms... security will be tight. So don't.



And in other news from around the world:

Jessie J has been on the Chinese version of The X Factor as a singer for the past few months. Nobody really knew about it until she won the entire competition this past weekend. This is so odd – she’s been a judge on The Voice UK and Australia, so how has she ended up winning X Factor as a contestant? In China? Quite clever though – the Chinese version is called Singer and has over a billion viewers – and she won! Hello Spotify royalties.


There’s something in the water! Vogue Williams and Kate Hudson last week and more baby news this week! Chris Evans has revealed that he and his wife are expecting twins and Mairead Ronan, formerly of this very show, is also expecting her third this August!