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Lee Ryan says he doesn't think his experience in boy band Blue will give him much of an advantage on Strictly Come Dancing.

He will join the likes of actor Danny John Jules, Paralympian Lauren Steadman and Steps star Faye Tozer when the show returns next month. 

He would be right - all he and his band mates did during a concert is lean from side to side and wink.

SCD filmed their “red carpet” launch yesterday, to be aired with the pairing of partners on Friday, and the show officially kicks off next Saturday 8th August. 

And yes, the dresses were more glitzy and sparkly than the stars lined up. 


Noel Gallagher has size 6 feet.

He admitted it and defended it by saying that anything less than 5 and a half is medieval, and anything less than that is going back to the Dark Ages and he would have been burnt at the stake for that. So 6 is perfect. *snort*


Eddie Murphy is expecting his tenth child. Yes – child number TEN. Australian model Paige Butcher is pregnant with their second child together, who is due in December.