The Corrs are back, and we found out all about their new album...

Corr blimey!! We were charmed to have leading lady of The Corrs on the phone line this morning, to tell us about their latest album, 'Jupiter Calling', explore the track 'SOS', and go for a bounce down memory lane. We also had a sneaky listen to their new stuff.

Iano started off the interview with his own solo to their smash hit 'Breathless', to which Andrea was very impressed. Could there be a possible collaboration?

They then get chatting about the title song (of sorts) from the album, called 'S.O.S' (Songs of Syria), which is an evocative and politically outspoken piece of work. Andrea explains how the song 'just happened', "you don't ever sit down and go I'm going to write a song about this". It's written from a maternal angle, where a mother is full of guilt looking at the awful situation in the Western Asian region. 

The singer, and band, feel they can use their position/career to voice their opinions, and highlight certain issues.

"Jupiter Calling"  is out tomorrow and contains thirteen quality tracks from the Dundalk family dynasty. The album was recorded live, so it has a really good feel to it with some beautiful songs - 'Hit My Ground Running' being our personal favourite. Who doesn't love a love song ehh?? 

Andrea spoke about a recent gig they did in the Albert Hall, and why that venue is so special to them, "we did a St.Patrick's Day gig in the Albert Hall and it was broadcast on the BBC, and just overnight we became a runaway success"

They also had a look at their biggest selling album 'Talk On Corners' (which was the biggest selling album in the UK in 1998 with 1.67 million copies), and had a bitta craic about the posing they did for the cover of the new album.

A text from a listener reminds Andrea of her early days, when she was pulling pints in a bar in Louth. Great training for anyone!

We're delighted they're back, but we're a bit disappointed they've been away for so long. It's ok though - they're forgiven not forgotten... *cringes*

You can listen in full here:

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