We've truly reached rock bottom.

Recent research has shown that the average person spends 24 hours a week online. That's one whole day a week we lose to our smartphones. There's few instances in which we don't have our phone on our person - and there's about to be one less. 

As Black Friday approaches, we're all eager to get our hands on the best deals out there and Argos have "come to the rescue" with their latest product. Behold, the shower curtain tablet case. 

Argos stores are giving their first 100 Black Friday customers a free shower curtain come tablet holder.

The product is being given to customers to ensure they don't miss out on any Black Friday deals. Argos expect their website will be busiest between 6am and 7am on Friday, which is the time 21% of us are in the shower. 

In a cruel twist of fate, these shower curtains will only be available in the UK. But you could always try sellotaping a sandwich bag to the wall? Or, you know, not using your phone for the 6 minutes it takes to shower.