Showbiz by Shauna

Now, I'm an animal lover but Barbara Streisand has gone that extra mile. She could not bear the thought of losing her beloved dog Samantha so, she decided to clone her. Now, Barbara has two puppies to remember her by. They were cloned using cells taken from Samantha before she died but despite looking identical to her, they will have different personalities. The cloning process is likely to have cost at least $100,000 - $50,000 per dog. 

Ed Sheeran is having a private chapel built on his grounds – sparking speculation that he will marry there. He lodged plans for the 24 seater chapel just days after announcing his engagement to Cherry Seaborn. Holding the wedding on his own land would mean he and Cherry could do things nice and privately. 

And....good news for Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry! They are very much on again. They were pictured walking around Prague together yesterday, 11 months after their initial break up and apparently, they rekindled their love during a trip to the Maldives last month.