Don't make a meal of it....

Being a best man is a big task. You've got to get your best pal through one of the biggest days of his life......and once the stag is over, you've to get him through his wedding day. Daddum-tish! In all seriousness, there's a lot involved in standing by your buddy as he's getting hitched and for those who aren't a fan of public speaking, the speech can be a source of serious nerves. 

So, we asked our listeners for some tips to create a definitive list of  'Best Man Speech Dos & Don'ts'

Adam Kavanagh from Rathcoole, who recently celebrated his first wedding anniversary and has been best man more than once, came on to give some very valuable pointers based on his own experience. 

Based on Adam's advice and the hundreds of texts & emails we got in the last 24 hours, we've compiled the only list you'll need....


  • Make sure to mention the wifey and compliment her on how good she looks!
  • Thank everyone for coming
  • Keep it short enough that people aren’t dying for the jacks
  • Mention all the bridal party and groomsmen
  • Use cue cards rather than whole thing written out
  • Have plenty of water on the table



  • Never ever mention ex-girlfriends......Ever!
  • Try to be funny
  • Use bad language
  • Pause and forget next point
  • Do shots before
  • Don't tell in jokes
  • No smut

  • No stories of stags 

  • Don't insult the bride or any of her bridal party or family

And, if you're still stick after all that, John in Tipperary got in touch and he has a handy knack for writing poems for the weddings of friends and family. He even knocked up a little number for Ian. 

Watching the US Open

Chilling out at home

I got a pen and paper

And I wrote a little poem.

You ask someone to marry you

And pray to God they don’t say no

Here’s a few lines for Today FM

And the Ian Dempsey Show.

The celebration of your wedding

The best day of your life

Himself becomes the hubby

And your one becomes the wife.

A few drinks at the hotel

And chats about the hen

Lads checking out the young ones

Women checking out the men.


Everyone looks so fine,

But that’s after 11 pints

And a bucket load of wine.


Laughing, joking messing,

Dancing around the room,

Compliments for the bridesmaids

Sambucas for the groom.

Boring speeches by the parents

Thanking all the clan,

Come to me for something different

I’m the wedding poet man.

Now my poem is over

Twas only a bit of crack

I’m off to prepare a masterpiece

For the wedding of sweet pea mac.

So thanks for having me Iano

To all my friends a radio wave

Thanks to Shauna also

Now it’s over to Dermot & Dave

Follow his lead and you're sorted! Go forth and be the best man you can be!