Yeah right

Conor McGregor turns 30 tomorrow, but apparently will not be having a big party (yeah right!)

He hasn’t organised a 30th party... but someone will have, surely!

As part of his birthday celebrations, Conor will unveil the life-sized statue of himself that’ll be on display in the JD Malat Gallery in London before being gifted to him in October. Where would one place a statue of oneself in one's home? In the garden? In the hall? The sitting room? Maybe in the jacks? Most of us probably won't ever have that worry but these are the important hypothetics that keep me awake. 


Colin Farrell’s award winning films The Lobster and In Bruges have been named among the greatest comedies of the 21st centuries. This list appeared in Rolling Stone, and 2 of Saoirse Ronan’s films are in there too – Lady Bird and The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Best in Show from the year 2000 topped the list, Bridesmaids was number 3 and Step Brothers at number 4.


And congrats to Irish writer Valerie Loftus who yesterday revealed she had a book coming out in November! It’s called Thanks, Penneys and I can’t wait to read it. Valerie writes for Stellar Magazine and used to work in and she’s a brilliant writer.