The coolest Grime brothers since Jedward...

Marlay Park is the holy grail for music lovers this weekend and rightfully so, as this year it has an über cool line-up. Tickets are like gold dust and the prices...well you know the score there.

Everyone attending will switch on party mode, park their worries and get loose as! Seeing we've mentioned the words "party" and "über cool", it's obvious the next two names on my mind are Leo Varadkar and Paschal Donohoe.

The lads have their bags of cans, fresh clobber and are ready to hit the festival with a bang - so they called in to give Iano a rundown on their must-see acts.

It was all running as smooth as Leo in his shades, until Micheál Martin phoned the show like an embarrassing dad...

Listen to the fun here:

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