Nice beanie, Becca

An Irish animation company which makes the children’s cartoon Becca’s Bunch is celebrating today after their show has been picked up by Nick Jr!

It’ll be aired on Nick Jr from Monday 2nd July, and then next year, it’s set to be released worldwide. Becca’s Bunch is produced by JAM Media and features hand-made puppets and visual effects for HD impact.

Becca is a bird in a beanie and her Bunch consists of Russell, Sylvia and Pedro and they find themselves in some sticky situations... but they think on their feet, never give up, aim high and have big ideas.



David McSavage has landed a part in a new TV show alongside George Clooney! It’s a Hulu mini-series called Catch 22 and Dave plays a war-time pilot acting opposite and being directed by George Clooney! This is all in The Irish Sun today, and when they contacted David McSavage he was tight-lipped about the whole thing... even going so far to ask if the Sun had clairvoyant journos working for them.


Example has been dropped by his label for failing to have a hit single in 4 years. His last single to chart was Whiskey Story in 2015 and it reached number 96 in the charts. However, now he says he has the freedom to do what he wants because he’s now his own boss.

Wonder if that fan will get his new car now? Unlikely!