And other showbiz

There's still no official word on whether Beyonce has given birth to twins - but her dad appears to have confirmed the news!

And in other announcements for the Carters – Jay Z today revealed that he will release his new album called 4:44 on June 30th on Tidal.


The big story over the weekend was Ant from Ant and Dec checking into rehab for help with his addiction to alcohol and prescription drugs. He’ll be in rehab for at least 2 months where he won’t have access to a phone or any visitors.

I think he’s so brave to make such a public declaration for something so personal although I wonder if he was forced into it. As if he doesn’t enough to worry about. Good luck Ant!


Speaking of new music...LOL...Katie Price is releasing a new song on June 30th and it’s called IGotU. Heeheehee!


Ruth O'Neill has attacked TV3's Xpose for underpaying her and claimed that the programme was understaffed.

She said there were no stylists and relied on her own wardrobe for outfits, she was underappreciated when it came to contacts she had in the US and she would also be sent off to red carpet events with little or no preparation as it would be sprung on her. TV3 have said they have no comment to make “for now”.