And they're gonna Drop It Like It's Hot #ShowbizStew

Forget Sting and Shaggy - that's so earlier this year, #OllyDogg is where it's at.

This is the latest in the 'unlikely duo' category of partnerships and although details of the tune are very hush hush, sources are saying that Olly's heart is skipping a beat, "Olly has been a huge fan of Snoop since he was a kid".

The Essex boy hasn't released any music in over a year so we're looking forward to hearing a fresh new sound from he and troublemaker Snoop. 


Top Gun Bosses In No Need For Speed With Sequel

Paramount studios yesterday revealed that the release date for the highly anticipated sequel 'Top Gun: Maverick' would be delayed by a year to June 26th 2020. 

According to a Paramount statement: 'The extra time will give filmmakers the opportunity to work out the logistics of presenting flight sequences with new technology and planes'. Makes sense I suppose. 

Personally, I cannot wait for it - I mean what's not to love? Tom Cruise back as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell (except he's a flight instructor this time) overseeing a new fleet of pilots, including the first woman pilot. 

Goose's legacy also lives on as his son enrolls and Val Kilmer brings the cool with "Iceman". 

I've been humming Dangerzone for months, but not everyone is as enthusiastic as me...

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