And other showbiz

Saoirse Ronan was on Jimmy Kimmel over the weekend being her usual charming self - and she had the audience cracking up with laughter. Did you know, Saoirse Ronan's mam, Monica, and George Clooney had a teeny run-in at the Oscars a few years ago? Kinda. Well, he trampled the train of her dress! Have a look:


Ewan McGregor has been dumped by his girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the woman for whom he left his wife of 20 years.  Winstead is reportedly sick of being branded a home-wrecker in the media, and MEve Mavrakis, his wife, has said she has “no reaction” and there are no plans to take him back.


Joan Collins has finally unearthed the secret to a happy marriage! She married after 4 divorces, so fifth time lucky, and she says she is with him 24/7 and the only thing they don’t share is a bathroom. So if you want a long and happy marriage, get separate bathrooms.


Although there's been no official confirmation from Aiken Promotions, it looks like the Rolling Stones are due to announce a possible Croke Park date in a few minutes. The rumoured date is May 17th...