You read that right.

Sharon Corr played the violin while wearing surgical scrubs at a fertility clinic in Barcelona as part of a campaign aimed at raising awareness of the positive impact musical vibrations can have on IVF fertilisation outcomes.

She was invited to perform by the owners of the Institut Marquès fertility clinic in Barcelona as embryos in the process of being fertilised in incubators at the clinic are exposed to musical microvibrations 24 hours a day, after internal studies suggested that good vibrations during the IVF fertilisation process can help to increase the chances of success by up to 5 per cent.


Love Island fans have been in a tizzy as the start date for the new series has been revealed and it's less than two weeks away – it will begin on Monday June 4 at 9pm on TV3. You can actually watch last year’s series on 3Player if you wanted to.

And this year, contestants who wish to indulge their nicotine cravings will be escorted to a separate area as last year, the show received so many complaints about the glamorising of smoking.


Britney Spears currently pays her ex-husband Kevin Federline 20K a month in child support as he has custody of their 2 children, who she gets at weekends. He now wants to increase this amount to 60K a month because he says he needs to match the lifestyle their mother can give them, and cannot do that on 20K a month. Britney and her legal team have refused to engage with this request because they feel 20K is more than enough, and she shouldn’t be bankrolling Kevin’s other 4 children too. Now, it has to go to court. 20K a month and he’s looking for