This is an important watch.

It may sound innocuous, but the term Nurdle is one we should be aware of in Ireland, and even a little bit afraid of.

A ‘nurdle’ is a long thin string of plastic, a noodle, cut into tiny sections.

These plastic pellets are used around the world to make up many of the plastic items we use every day, a human-made material that won’t degrade for potentially hundreds or thousands of years.

So why should we care about tiny pieces of plastic? Well hundreds of thousands of tons of nurdles have made their way to the ocean/water sources that humans depend on.

A study in the River Rhine in 2015 showed that 60% of identified plastic particles were nurdles and we’re being urged to take matters into our own hands when it comes to their over-use, mis-management and distribution.

Irish favourites, The Riptide Movement are working together with Clean Coasts to raise awareness of the dangers facing one of our most important natural resources, the Irish sea.

The band embarked on a journey of discovery which led them to meet with Clean Coasts volunteers and hear about nurdles and the mystery surrounding their appearance on our beaches.

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