It's gonna be May...

Throwback Gossip from 20 years ago!

We know which one Spiced up Justin’s life back in the day!

Justin Timberlake spoke recently about having a fling with one of the Spice Girls but wouldn't mention who... and we now know that it was most definitely Baby Spice!

Emma Bunton once described having a fling with Timberlake to Jonathan Ross in 2004: “We’ve been hanging out and having fun. We partied a bit, he was very sweet.” What a blast from the best past.


And in other news:

We brought you the news on Monday that Caroline Flack and Andrew Brady are engaged... less than a month after she broke up with him amid concerns he was using her to get famous.

Now that have been seen having a very public spat about something on their celebratory holiday in Santorini, which ended in Caroline storming off and getting into a cab. There was plenty of arm-waving and cross words exchanged, in full view of anybody who was watching, before she decided she’d had enough and walked off. Uh-oh.

Rory Cowan says that I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here  could be the reality show he says yes to. His agent is apparently always waving offers at him, and thus far he has refused. Apparently Ant and Dec have said they would love him on the show.