Showbiz by Shauna

Ben Affleck and his tattoo has people scratching their heads. Two years ago, he was spotted on the beach with a massive (and I mean massive) tattoo on his back and when questioned about it, he said it was fake and only temporary for a role. He also said he liked his tattoos to be discreet and in places that she couldn’t be seen. However, here we are two years later and he’s out and about on the beach and THE TATTOO IS STILL THERE. Wtf? 

 Cheryl Tweedy is best known for being a musician but it’s been a while since she’s had a hit and the word on the street is that she is now looking to reignite her TV career. Apparently, she’s close to signing a deal with an acting agency in a bid to land a high profile telly gig and that she’s gunning for Nicole's spot on the X Factor panel. 

And speaking of X Factor, Jessie J is currently competing in an X Factor style singing competition in China. She has been a judge on The Voice herself, has released bucket loads of hit singles on her own and to an outsider it looks like a bit of a step down for her but it’s actually a shrewd business move. – the show is viewed by over 250 million people and is actually intended for professional singers so Chinese viewers are under no illusion that she is already a star elsewhere in the world