Pretty much impossible to pin down, actually.

Never have I instigated such a divisive and passionate topic on Instagram. It all started so innocently - I decided to have a cup of tea and a biscuit (the baby wanted it).

And when it comes to dunkabiliy, a custard cream is yer only man... the perfect biscuit. So simple, so delicious. A deserved winning classic.

WELL. Pandora's box was opened and the masses arrived with their pitchforks and... kind of told me off a bit. The conversation continued this morning on Early Breakfast and listeners were just as passionate: 


  • “PAULA, you are woman after my own heart! The custard cream is the single most fantastic biscuit ever created, EVER! I have regular snaccidents (accidentally eat whole packet) with them, will mostly likely die from a custard cream overdose!” - Joe in Wicklow


  • “Custard creams are lovely. But you can't beat chocolate digestives to dunk in your tea. The chocolate melts just slightly with a 2 sec dunk of half the biscuit” – PC


  • “Love the custard creams Paula but for a special treat you can't bate the KING of all biscuits- TOFFEE POPS HHHHMMMMMMMMM!” - Gaz in Galway


  • “Hi Paula. My favourite dunkable biscuit is the Hobnob. It's a compromise though, as it drinks half your tea” - Baz in Monaghan


  • “Hi Paula. My sister loves twix as a straw in her tea then eat the soft inside afterwards.” -  Barry from Omagh en route to Dundrum Shopping Centre


  • Hi Paula Jacobs have new bikkie - Milano cream wafer bikkie fab. Can’t eat 1 or 2, has to be half a packet!” - Menopausal lady again!


    • “Paula I'm with you on the custard creams. I buy the Dunnes own brand and I'll have them in my van as a little treat, it's not unheard of for my wife to rob my keys, sneak out to my van and come back in with full pockets. Addictive little fellas they are” - Niall in Tipp


  • “Wagon Wheel like my ex” - Dec in Dublin


    • “Hi, Jaffa Cakes all the way - bite the sponge off around first, chocolate off the jelly, sponge holding on to the jelly and then jelly. Tea afterwards!” – Patricia


  • “Milk choc hobnobs, the ultimate biscuit. Love the show Paula!” - Kieran Dungarvan '


  • “Paula. Yesterday I witnessed something. And I'm not ok with it. Jacobs crackers dunked in tea......!”


  • “Rich tea with butter Paula!”


  • “Paula had a purple snack recently and I was so let down, down sized and very little chocolate on each end” - Pam 


  • “Paula, ya can't beat the chocolate finger. Take a tiny bite off each end & then use as a straw in your tea. OMG! Needless to say the packet doesn't last long in our house!!”


  • “Paula, what you NEED to do is bite the two chocolate ends off a Kit Kat finger, use the finger as a straw to drink a small mouthful of tea, then eat the finger!”


  • “Morning, I know a Time-out is technically a bar but have you ever bitten both ends off and sucked warm tea through it like a straw, absolutely amazing!”


    • “Rich tea is for milk... not for tea.., nice though!”


  • “Paula, white chocolate and cranberry cookies from Aldi. Soooooo good!” - Jamie in Kildare



  • “Paula these are by far are the best  biscuits: Fox's Viennese thank me later orgasmic!” - Murt Kildare


  • “Malted milk. Perfect!”


  • “A Tuc dipped in tea - ya have to be a real dunker to get this one right it's just a quick dunk or else it falls apart. The saltiness of the Tuc mixed with the sweetness of the tea… it's amazing!” - Shane in Wexford


  • “Morning Paula, loving your hard hitting journalism Matt Cooper could learn a thing or 2. My fave biscuit is those Kimberley’s covered in chocolate and second a beautifully foil wrapped Viscount and I would dip both. Loving your show taking me to work!” - JB just heading from Clonmel to work in Douglas


  • “Good morning Paula you can't beat Bourbon Creams dipping into my black coffee all this talk of biscuits I have to go buy some now on the way to work have a good day!” - Con County Louth


  • “Fox’s chocolate chip cookie buttered with Nutella!” - Peter


  • “It’s got to be digestive cheesecake biscuits in tea YUMMY!”


  • “Paula ... a Penguin.. bite 2 opposite corners off the bar, dip into tea and suck through the bit corner.. UNREAL!”