Donal talks us through the video

Over the weekend Shannon Air Traffic Control were contacted by a number of different pilots, all claiming to have seen the same thing.

A beam of light travelling at a very high speed.

A British Airways pilot made contact to ask if there were military exercises taking place as he had seen a bright light speed past the aircraft heading north at a “very high speed”

Meanwhile, two other pilots also reported seeing the mysterious object with one stating it was possibly a meteor “with multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory.”

The second pilot said the speed of the object was “astronomical” and it was like “Mach 2” (i.e. twice the speed of sound)

Cork man Donal Brady happened to catch footage of the supposed UFO:

Donal said, 'I saw what appeared to be a very bright object in the sky, it wasn't moving like a plane, it was hovering and moving sideways.'

Donal quickly took out his phone and captured a video, 'I wouldn't classify myself as a UFO hunter or anything like that. I don't know what it was I'll leave that to the experts.'

The Irish Aviation Authority has confirmed they are investigating the matter and it seems a Cork man may be able to help with the investigation.

Safe to say we're very spooked.


Check out Dermot and Dave's chat with Donal by pressing play below: