She seems really laid-back.

Grace Cuddihy is an Irish ex-pat living in London and over the weekend she shared a bizarre exchange she had while seeking a house share.

A room advertised in a gaff caught her eye so she went for a viewing. Thereupon she met the said gaff owner who after a fairly normal chat handed Grace an exhaustive list of all the 'Terms & Conditions' for any prospective tenant.

Highlights include:

'The house is not a call centre DO NOT walk around talking on the phone'

'A smile on your face is a MUST in my house' 

That second one would rattle Gandhi. Not at all patronising. Wow.

The T & C's are 32 in total. It looks like something written by Sheldon Cooper.

Prepare yourselves for the Ultimate Passive Aggressive House Rules List

Here are some of our favourites:

"I just going to barrel in when I feel like it"

Imagine THIS on a Monday:

The use of the smiley face is particularly disturbing:

 Fish or cabbage. We can live with that. Only toast after 10pm. What am I a five year old? (once again the smiley face is really unnerving)


This can only be followed by a long stick hitting a wall or a finger pointed at you from a person in military uniform:

Here is Grace's original Tweet: