Did your own make the list?

To celebrate 'Roald Dahl Day' one of the greatest children's authors to ever live and who had many amazing movie adaptations - we asked for your favourite children's movies growing up.

Now, it's not your favourite kid's movie because you could watch that anytime.  These are the ones that placed an indelible mark on your own childhood.

Interestingly there was very few votes for Disney classics like The Lion King, Aladdin or even The Little Mermaid. There was a rake of people voting for a certain Irish cult classic about a horse called Tir Na Nog. Here's a clue, "TAYTOOOOOOO!!"

There was one spot taken by a Roald Dahl classic and probably one of the best movie adaptations of his work.

And one movie that terrified the absolute bejeesus out of anyone growing up in the eighties. It might have featured bunnies but it's the least fluffy cute movie adaptation ever made. I still get sleepless nights.

So, here is the list of Ireland's Top 10 Favourite Children's Movies 

As voted for by listeners to the Muireann O'Connell show.

1. Princess Bride

2. Goonies

3. Toy Story

4. ET

5. Hook

6. Matilda

7. Into The West

8. Never Ending Story


9. Labyrinth

10. Watership Down