Is there room to improve lads?

The "simply beautiful family home" is for sale in the leafy Dublin city suburb of Drumcondra.

The asking price is €649,000 but we're sure Dermot would want you to go way over budget.

According to the Estate Agent, it has "many lovely features that include: high ceilings, original solid wood flooring, Scandinavian pine windows, original cast iron fireplaces, picture rails, teak doors and more."

We just have one question:

Where's the random wall? Not a sign. 

In the words of Keef lemon, "Let's av a gooo threwwww da keyhole like ye nosey bastids"

Well looking from the outside it's a pretty well kept yet modest front garden. Looks like he's a big fan of trimmed topiary.

There's the hallway. Lovely floor now in fairness. 

The front room. Fine job. Only one plant spotted so far. Dermo is a big fan of house jungles so that comes as a bit of a surprise. Lovely floor in fairness.

More plants and an open plan dining/kitchen area. Lovely floor in fairness.

Ah now, here we go. This is where the magic happens. No, really Dermot spent three years as an amateur illusionist under the tutelage of Keith Barry. It's how he learned to make partitions just disappear.

And finally the back garden. That slide looks like a big dragon tongue. Lovely shed in fairness.

If you want to see the full listing have a nose here