Say what?

Let's be honest, from the second the clock strikes 9am, we're all dreaming about lunch.

Looking forward to an hour's rest at midday can often get you through the toughest of mornings. But it seems the days of taking a 60 minute lunch are over.

A new study carried out has found that the average person only takes 22 minutes for their lunch break.

The study, carried out by hospitality company Sodexo and nonprofit health body Ukactive, shows that the amount of time taken for lunch breaks has fallen in the last six years, with a 2012 average of 33 minutes. 

The survey also found that 1 in 5 people don't leave their desks at lunch time.The most common explanations for this were excessive workload or unprecedented task lists. 

Workers also expressed concern at the fact that they have increasingly sedentary lifestyles and have very little time to exercise.

Steven Ward, Chief Executive at Ukactive, said:

“Our research shows staff believe in the benefits of being more physically active but don’t feel they have the time - employers should heed these warnings if they want to encourage their teams to be more productive.”