It was some year lads.

As well as Mary Robinson being elected the seventh President of Ireland these things also happened:

The Irish Pound coin was introduced into circulation replacing those gammy one pound notes! Some people still have the notes but let's face it lads they were a sweat trap. Although TodayFM's Muireann O Connell makes a really good point:

Winning Streak was shown for the first time!

And apart from making hapes of cash for ordinary folks it also provided television gold like this:


Brian Keenan was released after 1,574 days in captivity in Beirut.


Roddy Doyle's novel The Snapper, second of The Barrytown Trilogy, was published. It was an amazing year for music.

And spawned the greatest line in movie history:

"Her contraptions have started!"


We all cried along with Sinead O Connor and Nothing Compares to U. Everybody tried to dance along to MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. – HOLD ON – WILSON PHILLIPS!!!!!!!


Jim Sheridan's film The Field was released featuring Richard Harris giving an Oscar and Golden Globe nominating performance! Also released were Home Alone, Ghost, Pretty Woman.

Try to watch this without your Irish soul getting pumped and your fist punching the air.


It was a golden year to be a Cork GAA fan. The football team won a second consecutive All-Ireland Senior Football Championship and the hurling team won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship to complete a double for the county.


Oh, and this one went under the radar a little bit. There was a World Cup in Italy and the first appearance of the Boys In Green in the World Cup finals reaching the quarter finals. Packie saved. O Leary scored. The country went wild and the rest is history.

And worldwide this happened: 

Nelson Mandela was released from prison after 27 years.


And best of all... Margaret Thatcher resigned!