Know anyone who needs this?

You can now buy 'flatulence-filtering' cushions for you or your friends.

Shreddies has already launched underwear that masks the stench of your farts and now, they've launched a cushion that does the same.

The cushion is available in black and grey and is designed to be used in the car, in the office or right in the comfort of your own home. 

According to Shreddies, the cushions are hardwearing with a modern and subtle design so the fart cushion blends in with the rest of your decor.

But how does it work?

A hidden carbon lining filters out odours giving you the confidence to let one slip when you simply can't hold it in any longer.

Inventor and owner of Shreddies, Paul O’Leary, told The Mirror that "helping customers with the embarrassing side effects ... is Shreddies’ main goal and we hope to continue creating innovative products".

Shreddies already sell fart resistant jeans, pyjamas and underpants.